Warm and Toasty!


For some reason, I received a lot of compliments on my outfit today.  I think it’s because I rarely ever wear a dress and my knees were showing.  I prefer pants, since I hate panythose but I found these footless tights at walmart and wear them with socks.

I have to say 90% of the time I’m wearing a hat, even though it was my new year’s resolution to start taking care of my hair.  It was too cold today, snow in Atlanta, so I had to pull out the woolies. 

I love, love, love accessories, specifically rings, bracelets and earrings.  I’m Jovanna from the Bronx, so I need the huge, obnoxious hoops.  My bracelets, I was a little tame today because I had to work in the store, are usually 10 or more.  Once again, Jovanna from the Bronx, how could I not have silver bangles? My ring is sterling silver from Israel.  I have found the best sterling silver at T.J. Maxx.  My huge fingers and wrists don’t always allow me to purchase from other stores.  T.J. Maxx always has something in my size. 

The wool grey wrap coat was purchased at T.J. or Marshall’s. The hat is from my store.  Dress is from Ross and the cowboy boots, wear them everyday, from a western shop.

‘Til tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Warm and Toasty!

    1. No but I can tell you where I bought them. On Jimmy Carter Boulevard at Western Wear. Take 85N from Atlanta, get off at jimmy carter boulevard, make a right. Pass one light and get on your left to make a u-turn. You will see Western wear on the right side. The girls don’t speak english fluently, but are so patient with fittings. Let me know if you want to go. Hugs!


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