Prints and Grommets….

Leather Jacket, Anne Klein-Syms, Dress-Ross Stores, Handbag, Francesco Biasia-Nordstoms
Francesco Biasia, Nordstroms-About three years ago.
Francesco Biasia

Let me just say that I am not a fan of prints.  Everyone that knows me thinks I’m in constant mourning because I wear black practically everyday.

This dress has been in my closet for over a year and never worn.  I was about to hit the local clearance racks at TJ and Marshalls and decided to search my closet instead.

That was as hard as giving up my coffee for Lent.  For those that care, I fell off the Lent wagon and drank 8 oz. on Sunday.  I’m going to HELL! 

Back to the fashions…..the only way I could wear this dress was with black.  I had a pink blazer and was very close to wearing it and looked like a confused Big Barbie doll.

I get compliments on the handbag every time I wear it.  It brings home the point that sometimes it is worth saving for a larger ticket item. 

They last forever.  I bought it about three years ago and it still looks great.  I am a big fan of Francesco Biasia.  

Their designs are beautiful, the quality is better than pricier bags and they are practical.  

It has a seperate insert that can be removed, almost like a large cosmetic bag.  Very cool!

The next pricey purse I want is the Marc Jacobs, Aidan Satchel in Black.  Are you listening handbag fairies?


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