Curvysta Offspring School Fashions

Hello Curvystas.  It’s been more than a minute since I’ve sat down and posted on anything on the blog.  I’ve moved from Georgia to Virginia this summer and it seems as if I’ve been preparing for it since the beginning of the year.  The best thing about the move is that I am closer to the Tristate and still able to hop on the plane and head south when I need to.  I will be posting pics from NY/D.C./N.J./Virginia/Atl and Cali of course.

Now back to fashion.  If you don’t know, I am Blessed with four girls, ranging from 5-15.  I never planned to have children, but He knows why He does things.  In any case, my love of fashion has definitely passed on to my girls.  They also love to shop for bargains.  My oldest is a huge fan of Loehmann’s, T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s.  Filene’s Basement in NY is a treasure chest for a teen.  She once found an in season, yellow, Marc Jacob’s skirt with matching leggings for less than $75.00.  My three younger ones love anything with sparkles, grommets and zippers.  Just like their Mama (remember my Franco Sarto handbag in an older post!).  They are still very different when they put it all together.  My second child loves to mix and match colors and textures.  The third one is preppier and the baby (she’s five) loves anything that reminds her of Fancy Nancy.

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