Fabulous Fall Booties at DSW and Bakers!

I received an emergency call on Sunday from my daughter.  She was not happy with the shoes we purchased for her homecoming and was on the verge of a teenage breakdown.  I put my SuperShopper Hero costume on, small crossbody handbag, comfortable cowboy boots, jeans, tshirt and cardigan for overly air conditioned stores and headed to St. Johns Mall in Jacksonville Beach, Florida off of Highway 202.  I love this open air mall.  It starts out with the higher end stores, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.;  as you head off in the opposite direction you will find your Ross, Marshalls and DSW.

Of course, I had to walk into Louis just to visit my future purchases when I hit the lottery or become best friends with Oprah (it could happen!) and then started walking in the direction of Costco’s.  My first stop was Baker’s.  I haven’t purchased anything from Baker’s since the early 90’s.  It was the place to go before Payless came around.  Anyone remember Parade of Shoes in NY?  Best leather shoes for $20.00. I walked into Baker’s and saw a great selection of shoes for after five but my quest was to find a “Rihannaesque style bootie”.   The only one I really liked for her was the ribbon bootie, pictured below.  Most of their boots and shoes had exteme heels, even if you aren’t fifteen, so the mission continued.

available up to size 11 online.

Walked into Ross, no game.  All the cute shoes and boots were size 9.  No 11’s.

Target.  The shoe materials were cheap looking.

Then we entered DSW.  Love, love, love me some DSW!  Their selection was fabulous!  It was the first time, in a long time that I walked into a store and loved everything.  I had to focus on the task and find Rihanna style booties.  I came up with the two that are pictured below.  Guess which one she picked?


Find out on Saturday when I post pics of the entire outfit!

Stay tuned for posts on my trip to NY, as I look for new designers and ideas for the curvysta website and store.

Ciao Bellas!

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