NY Street Style on 34th

Last week I was in NY doing business and I couldn’t help myself.  I had to stop these people and take their picture.  The first pic I took in front of Daffy’s, I’m so upset I didn’t get a chance to shop that day.  She will remain nameless, but not fashionless.  She was statuesque, therefore able to carry her great do and accessories.  I wish I could record her personality.  She was as bubbly and as kind as she looks.  What a pleasure to chat with.  I hope she and her friends found a great place for cocktails!

This young man just finished a job interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Do I know how to pick them?  He looked more like a Londoner, than NYorker.  I love the texture of his jacket and the fact that it was only 3/4 sleeve length, was even sexier.  His sunglasses were a tortoise shell, the photo is too dark to show how truly chic they are.  The mother in me wanted to give him a scarf, since it was a little chilly and I must say, I wanted to snatch those McDonald fries right out of his hands. (I was starving.)  Good luck Brandun!

This adorable woman’s sweet pink shoes caught my eye and I love how she transitioned her shorts into fall with the opaque stockings.  She looked comfortable and stylish.  As we go into winter, she could wear them with riding boots and thicker stockings to ward off the chill.

Homecoming Shoe Decision 2010

Drumroll please!  My daughter chose to wear the Suede Ankle Wedges with a dress that I had in my last boutique; even though I did buy her a new dress.

She looked FABULOUS!  I also added the picture with her father.  He really didn’t want to let her go.  I pray that he makes it through four cycles of female teenagedom!  We’ve only just begun!

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