Curvysta Fashion Show: Part 1~Fitting/Rehearsal

Greetings Guys and Dolls!  Now first let us get aquainted, my name is Nia Swindell and I am one of the new faces of Curvysta, also known as a Curvysta Ambassator (ohhhh, how dignified that sounds)!!! My role here on “The Curvysta” is to provide  an EXCLUSIVE look at the events, ventures, and of course fabulous fashion scoop from Curvysta!  So, you might want to stay tuned because the Curvysta name is becoming bigger than we ever imagined, and I know you want to be apart of it honey!!!

On Sunday March 21, 2010, Curvysta held the fitting and Model rehearsal for the Curvysta Spring Fashion Show due to take place March 25, 2010, 7pm at the Couture Inspirations boutique in Kirkwood Station (1963 Hosea L. Williams Dr. Atl., Ga 30317). So, I walked in, a little tardy I might add due to inclament weather, but I was immediately excited because the room was filled with gorgeous full-figured  models ready to strut their stuff! We all lined up in height order and of course I strolled on to the end of the line (5’11 honey and I love it!!!) and we began being fitted in some of hottest garments for the spring season.  Soon after the designer Jasmine Elder creator of Jibri clothing line arrived with her dresses for the show and can I just… BANGIN!!! You have to see them for yourself honey! We were then asked to walk, and everyone had their own style which is fabulous! The night concluded with hair and makeup plans for each model!!! I ueveyone to come out March 25th and witness full-figured perfection at its best!!!

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