Curvysta Street Wear/D.C. & Atlanta

Hello Curvystas!

As I walked out of the liquor store in Little Five Points in Atlanta, I saw this woman walking to her car.  The girl didn’t have a chance!  I am worse than the paparazzi when I want to take a photograph.  She was sweet enough to stop, acknowledge my presence and be photographed.  I don’t remember her name, but she models in the Atlanta area.  Her boots caught my eyes first and then her cornrows.  Great style!

I met this lovely girl, Elena, at Tyson’s Corner Mall in Mclean, Va. on Black Friday weekend.  Her diva eye makeup caught my eye;  A little goth and such a contrast to the rest of her.  Great outfit for a date, which I think she was on, with a handsome gentleman.  You go Elena!  The top and sweater are from Chadwicks.  The wide leg pants were Lane Bryant.  I have them in every color. Love, love, love, wide leg pants with ballerina flats or with menswear style shoes (very Marlene Dietrich!).

And finally here is a pic of me trying to choose a handbag to go with the outfit.  I went with the black bag.  Easier to shop with.  I also wore a leather belt and forgot to take the pic after the fact.  The sweater is a cashmere Ralph Lauren with leather patches.  The brown handbag is a Coach saddle bag and the black one is an Italian designer.  My phone is a Droid X.  Love it and its video capabilities.

Ladies be ready for me….cause you will never know when I’ll sneak up on you for a pic!  Be on your best fashion behavior!

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