Coat Envy!


I am cold and pulling out my heaviest coats.  I’m also suffering from coat envy!  There was a lady on the elevator who’s tailored, body-con, ankle length coat made angry.  Why? Because as a plus size woman and 5’8″, I can never find an ankle to floor length coat.  I can only imagine how it is for my taller, plus sisters.  Honestly, I’m not even bitchin’ about the lack of creative designs for us.  If you know of any fabulous coats, please feel free to post some pics here and give us the links.  Here are some styles(not ankle length)  that I absolutely adore and can fit most body types. 

2 thoughts on “Coat Envy!

  1. I love the black one. I can never find coats that fit through my shoulders or aren’t snug on my biceps. I found a great vintage rabbit fur coat at an antique dealer last week, tried it on and it fit really great… came back a couple days later and some chick had bought it.


    1. In those situations, I purchase them on the spot. If I have to think about it price wise, I usually ask the owners to hold the piece for me. You have to become a regular so you can get perks. My favorite shop in Atlanta, calls me when someone brings in plus vintage.


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