Bravo Housewives or Housework?

Ok Curvystas, so I am going to raise my hand and admit that I love watching the Housewives series.  I’ve been a fan since the beginning, when the Orange County housewives were still interesting and had money.  Why am I so ashamed to admit that I enjoy watching these catty, over-pumped lipped, frozen-forehead women, that would never invite me to their homes for dinner?  Because I know that I should do something more productive with my time.  I could catch up on the 2000 emails that I’ve never read.  Dust my lampshades and ceiling fans.  Organize my jewelry box.  Hang up the last three picture frames still sitting on the floor of my bedroom….the list is long.

Alright, so you get what I’m saying,  but it is one of the many reasons I need the mind-numbing entertainment of Camille and Kyle’s constant bickering. The need to try to understand why in Kyle’s mind, it’s okay to ditch your sibling and then go to the Polo Lounge with housewives that don’t like or respect her only sister.  “Especially after she tried to defend you at the dinner table in Camille’s house.”  Alright, so I deviate.

Honestly, after a full day at a computer, phone calls with teachers, doctors, bill payments, cleaning the house, laundry for four girls, making dinner, washing dishes, reading social studies chapters to ensure that their homework is right and trying to understand the new math, I would prefer a couple of shots of vodka. Now that I’m a mother of four, I left the woo woos (the vintage, 80′s term for cranberry and vodka) in the club and choose to get the same effect by staring at Nene’s new nose and Kandi’s strange choices in hair design .  Judge me if you want, I’m still a good person.  Time to stop typing.  Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen is about to start and it’s live this week.

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