Basketball Wives Reunion & Evelyn’s Louboutins!

I’m not a fan of all the women on the Basketball Wives series on VH1, but I must admit I love their style!  The reunion show did not disappoint.  My favorite of the night was Evelyn Lozada.  She may have a potty mouth but the woman has a wardrobe to die for.  Her Herve Leger Gisele Geometric Jacquard Dress, $1950.00 and Pink “Changing of the Guard” Christian Louboutins, $1665.00, with gold accessories… fabulous!  By the way, has similar shoes for $265.oo.  My second favorite look was Tami Roman.  Her Forever 21 dress looked better than Shaunie’s, by a European designer and about 100% more in dollars, at less than $50.00.  Best shoes of the night goes to Shaunie.



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  1. Well, when you have OchoCInco’s money to spend, you better look hot…. I’ve never watched the show, but Shaunie’s shoes were FIYAH!!!


  2. Curvysta says:

    I was taken aback by those shoes. Sparkly, elegant, fierce…the adjectives continue! Evelyn owns a shoe store Dulce in Miami. I didn’t see those in her inventory when you visit her site. You have to see the LV shoes he sent her before they officially started dating. OMGOooodness!


  3. Yeah, he laced her up nicely….


    1. Curvysta says:

      Alright now…you must watch the show too! : )


  4. Nope, never seen one episode, but I’m a bossip, mediatakeout, Sandra Rose chick, so I keep up with the gossip.
    Are you still in Atlanta? I need to have you style me…


  5. Curvysta says:

    I’m back and forth between Atl/DC and NY. Let me know when you are available. We could have a shopping date. Even better. If you want to have a house party with other curvy girls. I could bring the clothes to you! Contact me at


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