Basketball Wives Reunion & Evelyn’s Louboutins!

I’m not a fan of all the women on the Basketball Wives series on VH1, but I must admit I love their style!  The reunion show did not disappoint.  My favorite of the night was Evelyn Lozada.  She may have a potty mouth but the woman has a wardrobe to die for.  Her Herve Leger Gisele Geometric Jacquard Dress, $1950.00 and Pink “Changing of the Guard” Christian Louboutins, $1665.00, with gold accessories… fabulous!  By the way, has similar shoes for $265.oo.  My second favorite look was Tami Roman.  Her Forever 21 dress looked better than Shaunie’s, by a European designer and about 100% more in dollars, at less than $50.00.  Best shoes of the night goes to Shaunie.


6 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Reunion & Evelyn’s Louboutins!

  1. I was taken aback by those shoes. Sparkly, elegant, fierce…the adjectives continue! Evelyn owns a shoe store Dulce in Miami. I didn’t see those in her inventory when you visit her site. You have to see the LV shoes he sent her before they officially started dating. OMGOooodness!


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