Curvysta at Full Figure Fashion Week

It’s nice to catch my breath and be able to finally write about my experience.  It’s two months after FFF Week, but feels like it just happened yesterday.  It was a great learning experience, even though I’ve produced shows for years, it’s still not the same when you are the designer.  All you pray for is that people understand and capture what’s been in your mind for years.  It doesn’t always translate easily from brain to fabric.  I was asked regularly what was the theme of my collection.  I didn’t have one.  What was I inspired by?  Beautiful, sexy, elegant women that wanted statement pieces.  I designed pieces I wanted in my closet and that I would actually wear.  I don’t plan to make a spring collection.  I’m not one for pastels.  Obviously…but will continue to add dresses regularly.  I’m a New York baby, who favors the Fall/Winter/Holiday.

Thank you to everyone that supported Curvysta and had their pom poms ready for us.  If you look at the pics, I was on the verge of crying and had to tighten my lips to keep from balling, that’s how much I appreciated the love.


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