The lovely Stephanie Patent of Wilhemina Models, graced the covers of Curvysta Magazine’s,, last issue for Winter 2015.  This series of Bohemian loveliness, was shot in a cul de sac, in front of my home.  We have areas in the development that are protected forest preservation filled with foxes and deer.  It was the perfect backdrop for this shoot.  Of course, my neighbors were amazed by the entourage and equipment.  One thought we were filming a movie.

I picked up the comfy, fluffy coat at Madrags for $29.99, the white tunic dress is from Ashley Stewart-$39.99,, the hats were from Charlotte Rouse-$15 each and the handmade leather accessories were from Amber Poitier,  Her pieces elevated the editorial.  The quality of the leather and weight are incomparable.  Worth every dime.

Hair: Yolanda Nicole

MUA: Alfena Williams

Photography Assistant: Veronica Montoro

Photography: Jovanna Reyes,


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