The Beauty of Afro Punk 2016

The Afro Punk Music Festival, held at the Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, NY, embraces the alternative music, fashions and lifestyles within the African American community.  This year the festival hosted Janelle Monae, Ice Cube, Gallant, Earl Sweatshirt and more.  The festival is not only about music, it draws creatives from all over the city and is a visual feast of artistic beauty.

All photos by Jovanna Reyes










I also had the fortune of running into THIS IS DOPE! fashion truck @newdopeness on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  The truck is a collection of one of a kind designers, accessories, retro records and more.  The items were curated in partnership by THIS IS DOPE! creator and The Global Style Gypsy, Latisha Daring(designer of the amazingly, original headphones).

Necklaces by The Sheila Gray Collection



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