My Aveda Addiction and Gift Haul


Aveda Thickening Tonic, Aveda Dry Shampoo, Aveda Control Hairspray, Aveda Damage Remedy Split end repair
Aveda hand relief, Aveda Nourish-mint lip shine, Aveda Petal Essence Single eye colors

I’ve had an Aveda addiction since college.  I discovered Aveda through my husband’s very metrosexual suite mate, who had the entire collection of hair care products.  He was the first person I ever met who spent more money on beauty products than on clothing.  It’s why I chose Aveda when I opened my salon in 2006.  I love the scent of Aveda from head to toe, especially on my husband.  He uses the pomade and body oil and smells delicious!

Aveda sent products that I use most for myself and my girls.  The Shampure dry shampoo is great for my daughter, Lola, who is an athlete and wears box braids.  It keeps her scalp from smelling like an old sneaker, without drying her scalp. My oldest uses it to refresh her style before her next hair appointment.  She uses less than my daughter with the box braids, just enough to refresh her scalp without causing reversion.

The damage remedy and thickening tonic is perfect for me.  I have a thin hair spot on top of my head that seems to be hereditary.  My sister, mother and I all have it.  The tonic helps my hair look thicker when I wear it straight.  The damage remedy is a life saver to my ends since I’m the laziest woman on earth with natural hair.  It truly has helped my hair to grow fuller and longer.  I recommend the Damage Remedy series to anyone suffering with hair loss from health, stress or genetics.  I used it in the salon for women post medical treatments with hot olive oil applications to get the scalp stimulated and save the hair they still had.

The control hairspray is light enough to comb through and still hold your style.  I only use it when I blow my hair out for a special occasion.  My oldest loves it.  She gets the Dominican blow out on a regular and it helps to keep her style longer without drying her hair or scalp.

The hand relief is a lifesaver for the winter days.  I suffer from psoriasis and have extremely dry skin.  The hand relief truly saturates my skin without feeling greasy or leaving residue.  I suggest you use a sample before buying if you have sensitive skin.

I don’t wear makeup often due to my sensitive skin but if I do, it’s Aveda or Bobby Brown. I remember one day I had someone do my makeup(she used two other brands) and for two days my eyes teared non-stop.  I’ve never had that issue with Bobby Brown or Aveda.

I hope this helps when you are looking for new products for natural hair.  I would go into the local Aveda store and play with their varying options. Avoid products with alcohol as the first ingredient.

Happy New Year!

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