NYFW Namilia S/S 2018 and their Vulval Collection


The photographers were setting up super early for this show on the riser.  They knew that Namilia would deliver an extraordinary fashion event and the designers did not disappoint.  Before the models graced the runway in their sky high pearl and gem studded platforms, Disney songs from Beauty and the Beast was played and then the verse “I can get any D@#% I want” and you knew it was time.  Time for the Sultan’s magic to begin.  The Berlin designers, Nan Li and Emlia Pfohl who met as students at the University of the Arts Berlin, based the S/S 2018 collection on Denis Diderot’s tale of “The Indiscreet Jewels”.  The tale is of a sultan with a magic ring that makes women’s vaginas tell their secrets. Most of the garments barely covered the models torsos but were beautifully detailed with floral touches, fabric manipulated into vulvas, bejeweled thongs and bulbous feminine parts. There were a few Chinese traditional gowns, albeit sexily retrofitted. It was truly a ‘cheeky’ experience and we can’t wait for their next collection.








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