Walk This Way with Jeannie Ferguson

Plus model extraordinaire, Jeannie Ferguson, hosted her respected, Walk This Way workshop in DC this weekend.  The always effervescent and lovingly spirited model, is known for her amazing and one of a kind walk.  She’s opened the runways of fashion productions nationally.  The show cannot start without Ms. Ferguson taking the first step on the catwalk.  Her experience as a fit model, print model, her unforgettable walk and her  personality are what keep her workshops booked, up and down the Eastern corridor.  This weekend her workshop focused on runway walks and how to become a consistently booked model.  Her honest feedback will help those that are ready to take the next step to professional modeling.   If you are in the North Carolina area, catch Ms. Ferguson at The Power Plus Weekend March 23-25th and at the Stories of Empowerment Brunch in NYC on March 31st.  Follow Jeannie Ferguson on Instagram @plusmodjeannief and shop her designs at @shop_bgu









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