Preakness Stakes Fashion 2022

Megan Thee Stallion and Lauryn Hill were standouts at Preakness Stakes this year but the attendees made sure they were also noticed in lavish headpieces and apparel. This year floral was a major theme, along with large feathered brimmed hats. Thee Stallion’s “hotties” wore bodysuits to Preakness Live but the traditional derby style captured as much attention as Megan in her fishnets.

Here are just a few of the eye catching fashions:

Megan Thee Stallion wore a blue and gold, gloved sequined and crystallized bodysuit with matching super long nails. She completed her look with a voluminous, bouncy curly wig that extended past her waist.
Baltimore’s own, Brittney Spencer, country singer and songwriter, wore a black denim jumpsuit accented with bright yellow sunflowers and wavy styled hair extensions.
Lauryn Hill belted out her classic hits in a floral print, flowing maxi dress. She completed her look with a black beaded head cover topped with a trucker hat.

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