Prints and Grommets….

Leather Jacket, Anne Klein-Syms, Dress-Ross Stores, Handbag, Francesco Biasia-Nordstoms
Francesco Biasia, Nordstroms-About three years ago.
Francesco Biasia

Let me just say that I am not a fan of prints.  Everyone that knows me thinks I’m in constant mourning because I wear black practically everyday.

This dress has been in my closet for over a year and never worn.  I was about to hit the local clearance racks at TJ and Marshalls and decided to search my closet instead.

That was as hard as giving up my coffee for Lent.  For those that care, I fell off the Lent wagon and drank 8 oz. on Sunday.  I’m going to HELL! 

Back to the fashions…..the only way I could wear this dress was with black.  I had a pink blazer and was very close to wearing it and looked like a confused Big Barbie doll.

I get compliments on the handbag every time I wear it.  It brings home the point that sometimes it is worth saving for a larger ticket item. 

They last forever.  I bought it about three years ago and it still looks great.  I am a big fan of Francesco Biasia.  

Their designs are beautiful, the quality is better than pricier bags and they are practical.  

It has a seperate insert that can be removed, almost like a large cosmetic bag.  Very cool!

The next pricey purse I want is the Marc Jacobs, Aidan Satchel in Black.  Are you listening handbag fairies?



In Merriam’s Dictionary, the word SWAGGER is defined as such:   1 : to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence. 

In, SWAGGER is defined:  How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person’s walk.  e.g.  Ryan: “Denzel Washington has swagger in all his movie rolls”.

I embrace the urban dictionary’s definiton of SWAGGER.  Having SWAGGER does not require arrogance or pomposity.  It is the genuine belief  that you are fabulous and you love yourself as you are, no holds barred.  Gabourey Sidibe, is a true example of  Curvysta Swagger.  On the cover of Ebony, Essence, V magazine and now, in the February 22, 2010 issue of People magazine, she explained how she found her inner confidence. 

After being teased for her weight, dark skin and being told “she would never really be anything”, Sidibe found her SWAGGER.  “I decided for myself that whatever people said, and no matter what I look like, I was going to be happy with myself.  It’s like a force of will I gained inside, and ever since it’s worked for me.” 

Here are photos of women at the Bronner Bros show with the Curvysta Swagger! 

Be thankful for who you are and find your “inner” SWAGGER!


Lazy sweater day!


Today I was literally, exhausted.  Those plus mannequins are heavy!  So, because of my lack of energy, I decided to wear jeans and a sweater.  Comfort was important.  I found my Navy Magaschoni sweater and paired it with Ashley Stewart dark jeans and the boots.  I purchased the Magaschoni sweater at Nordstroms at 75% off of $298.00.               It’s really a Misses XL, but it stretched so I went for it. 

My accessories were on the softer side today.  Peach color freshwater pearl necklace with a sterling silver pendant and the matching bracelet.  The bracelet has four rows of freshwater pearls with medallion charm that matches the necklace.  I purchased it at T.J. Maxx of course!  The ring was purchased on vacation in Hawaii. 

My girl, Yoly, said she will post some time this weekend.  Look out for her!  The girl knows her hair!

Hasta manana peoples!

Zina Eva Handbag


Hello all!  Today I felt like wearing my orange leather (also known as tan) boots and handbag.  I love this handbag!  It reminds me of a garden tool bag with lots of exterior pockets.  It’s made by Zina Eva and can be custom made in any leather color you choose.  Of course, I sell this at my store but you can also visit their website for the nearest retailer in your area.

The dress is by Marina Rinaldi, my favorite plus size designer from Italy.  You don’t see it in the photo, but it’s a polo style top with the attached print skirt.  I’m not one for prints but I love this dress.  It gives me more of an hourglass shape and I don’t feel like a square box.  The jacket is a suede leather and faux leather by AMX, purchased at T.J. Maxx for $39.99, more than I ever spend for one item unless its a leather handbag. 

I am wearing XXlarge gold thin hoops, silver/gold chain bracelet and brown croc watch and faux cabochon ruby signet ring.  The finishing touch are the cowboy boots in orange leather(tan).  I will stop wearing cowboy boots when I find comfortable ones that fit my size 13 feet!

 Look out for our new bloggers, Megan(curvysta model), Yolanda (hairstylist extraordinaire)

and Gabrielle (makeup diva)!

’til tomorrow!