Fashion’s Night Out Plus Models

Congratulations to our first Fashion Night Out’s Models.  They range from first timers to seasoned professionals, from DC/VA/Md to Seattle, Washington.  We know they are going to tear up the runway!

Sommer Green, Meilee McElroy, Lisa Rodriguez, Jese Gary, Nellonda Whitaker, Tracey Washington, Unissha McNeil, Nicole Zepeda, Lala Jones and Chearice Vaughn, who is also our model coordinator.

The first Fashion’s Night Out event catering to Plus Size Trendsetters in the DC Metro Area comes to Alexandria, VA.  On September 8, 2011 from 6-11PM,  the momentum of Fashion’s Night Out will take on a new twist in the DC/Md/Va  Metro Area by catering exclusively to the Plus Size Community.

Being held at the trendsetting BeautyFull Boutique located at 118 N. Fayette Street, Alexandria, VA; the 2011 Fashion’s Night Out Plus will feature high end fashions from “Curvysta”, NY’s highly popular “Pop Up Plus” and accessory powerhouses “Ear Candy Accessories and NickyB’s Accessories”. Fresh off the heels of Full Figured Fashion Week, these brands and others will come together to celebrate curvy girls in the DC area and beyond.

Alongside the Curvy Fashionistas previously mentioned, Fashion’s Night Out Plus is pleased to welcome the unveiling of the Arturo Rios Fall Hat Collection. Mr. Rios is known worldwide for his couture headpieces which have graced the heads of celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan and has donned the pages of many upscale fashion magazines.

To help celebrate the curvy festivities, Fashion’s Night Out Plus has invited Celebrity Stylist & Designer Rafael Cox of Project Runway Season 9, WPGC On-air personality Poet from the Sunday Brunch, Mrs. Jewell Green owner of the Posh Boutique, Comedian Queen Aisha and a host of other VIP/celebrity guests. Fashion’s Night Out Plus will be holding giveaways every hour on the hour for its participants. The night has been sponsored by Galceau’VitaminWater, Margarita Man, The Full Cup, The Overwood Restaurant, Hard Times Cafe, Lavender Moon Cupcakery and more.

For more information on Fashion’s Night Out Plus please visit the website, and  If you have any questions email us at

A portion of sales from each vendor will be donated to the local battered women’s shelters.

Curvysta Sculpture in HOMEGOODS

Hi Curvystas!

I’m still in need of some furniture pieces in my new place but am trying to avoid overshopping.  I no longer have my own personal garage to hoard things in anymore, now that I’m a city girl.  My go to place is HOMEGOODS, the sister furniture store to Marshall’s/T.J. Maxx.  They have the best selection of decorative items, at an affordable price.  Here are some of my fave pieces that I would’ve purchased without thinking about it, just because I liked them.  Clutter is no longer an option and therefore I have these lovely pictures to hold on to instead.  Check out the Curvysta sculpture!  LOVE IT!  I’m going to try to find a spot for it somewhere in my house.

Curvysta Street Wear/D.C. & Atlanta

Hello Curvystas!

As I walked out of the liquor store in Little Five Points in Atlanta, I saw this woman walking to her car.  The girl didn’t have a chance!  I am worse than the paparazzi when I want to take a photograph.  She was sweet enough to stop, acknowledge my presence and be photographed.  I don’t remember her name, but she models in the Atlanta area.  Her boots caught my eyes first and then her cornrows.  Great style!

I met this lovely girl, Elena, at Tyson’s Corner Mall in Mclean, Va. on Black Friday weekend.  Her diva eye makeup caught my eye;  A little goth and such a contrast to the rest of her.  Great outfit for a date, which I think she was on, with a handsome gentleman.  You go Elena!  The top and sweater are from Chadwicks.  The wide leg pants were Lane Bryant.  I have them in every color. Love, love, love, wide leg pants with ballerina flats or with menswear style shoes (very Marlene Dietrich!).

And finally here is a pic of me trying to choose a handbag to go with the outfit.  I went with the black bag.  Easier to shop with.  I also wore a leather belt and forgot to take the pic after the fact.  The sweater is a cashmere Ralph Lauren with leather patches.  The brown handbag is a Coach saddle bag and the black one is an Italian designer.  My phone is a Droid X.  Love it and its video capabilities.

Ladies be ready for me….cause you will never know when I’ll sneak up on you for a pic!  Be on your best fashion behavior!

The Miss Tina Collection by Tina Knowles at Walmart

Hi Curvystas,

I no longer live near a Walmart so as soon as I was able to get there, I headed straight to the Miss Tina Collection by Tina Knowles.  There were three racks of clothing to select from.  Out of those three racks, I honestly only liked three pieces.  I know its Walmart, but I expected a little more from the collection.  Norma Kamali delivered a great selection and better cut clothing for the plus size woman.

The first piece I tried on were her knit leggings with an attached miniskirt.  This was my favorite piece, although the skirt could be just a tad higher on the waistline for comfort and to avoid belly rollover.  It is 96% polyester and 4% spandex and was $15.00.

The second piece was an embellished long sleeve top made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex and $15.00 as well.  The length of the top was great.  It hit almost mid thigh, so its something you can actually wear with leggings or jeggings and not feel like your exposing to much bottom.  I tried it on with the skirt/legging piece and the proportions were wrong together.  I would love this top to wear with black leggings or tight jeans, maybe even a longer pencil skirt and a body shaper.

The last piece I tried on was a woven taffeta jacket with stretch fabric built into the sides.  The jacket had great hanger appeal but once I put it on I was soooo disappointed.  The closure was too high on my stomach.  The attached belt does not give allowance for women that may choose a more structured belt.  I hate fabric belts.  It accentuates my problem area.  The reason I was soooo disappointed is that the jacket had potential.  The collar and the sleeves are amazing.  The sleeves were 3/4, with just enough pouf without reminding you of the 80’s but the elastic at the end of the sleeve cheapened it.

The fabric reminded me of the old Adidas workout pants that made noise when you walked.  Like plastic rubbing together or sitting on your grandmother’s sofa.  It was $25.00 and the woven taffeta is really polyester.

I didn’t buy anything from Miss Tina but I did leave with this great t-shirt.  I plan to wear it with one of my many black blazers.  What do you think too much for a PTA meeting?  And I could not leave without my Wonder Woman wallet.   All I need are my gold cuffs and red and white bustier.  If only I could find a golden lasso.

Prints and Grommets….

Leather Jacket, Anne Klein-Syms, Dress-Ross Stores, Handbag, Francesco Biasia-Nordstoms
Francesco Biasia, Nordstroms-About three years ago.
Francesco Biasia

Let me just say that I am not a fan of prints.  Everyone that knows me thinks I’m in constant mourning because I wear black practically everyday.

This dress has been in my closet for over a year and never worn.  I was about to hit the local clearance racks at TJ and Marshalls and decided to search my closet instead.

That was as hard as giving up my coffee for Lent.  For those that care, I fell off the Lent wagon and drank 8 oz. on Sunday.  I’m going to HELL! 

Back to the fashions…..the only way I could wear this dress was with black.  I had a pink blazer and was very close to wearing it and looked like a confused Big Barbie doll.

I get compliments on the handbag every time I wear it.  It brings home the point that sometimes it is worth saving for a larger ticket item. 

They last forever.  I bought it about three years ago and it still looks great.  I am a big fan of Francesco Biasia.  

Their designs are beautiful, the quality is better than pricier bags and they are practical.  

It has a seperate insert that can be removed, almost like a large cosmetic bag.  Very cool!

The next pricey purse I want is the Marc Jacobs, Aidan Satchel in Black.  Are you listening handbag fairies?


You too can have this look…..

Gabourey Sidibe in Ebony Magazine, 2010

This is my favorite outfit I’ve seen Ms. Gabby in.  The best thing, it is so easy to copy!

Monif C.- “Roxie” Batwing Dress in Black-$175.00 at

Curvysta-“Alexis”  Liquid Pleather Pant,-$27.99


 Qupid System Platforms-$39.99

or if you prefer boots…..

Qupid POTENCY Midcalf Boot-$54.90



In Merriam’s Dictionary, the word SWAGGER is defined as such:   1 : to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence. 

In, SWAGGER is defined:  How one presents him or her self to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person’s walk.  e.g.  Ryan: “Denzel Washington has swagger in all his movie rolls”.

I embrace the urban dictionary’s definiton of SWAGGER.  Having SWAGGER does not require arrogance or pomposity.  It is the genuine belief  that you are fabulous and you love yourself as you are, no holds barred.  Gabourey Sidibe, is a true example of  Curvysta Swagger.  On the cover of Ebony, Essence, V magazine and now, in the February 22, 2010 issue of People magazine, she explained how she found her inner confidence. 

After being teased for her weight, dark skin and being told “she would never really be anything”, Sidibe found her SWAGGER.  “I decided for myself that whatever people said, and no matter what I look like, I was going to be happy with myself.  It’s like a force of will I gained inside, and ever since it’s worked for me.” 

Here are photos of women at the Bronner Bros show with the Curvysta Swagger! 

Be thankful for who you are and find your “inner” SWAGGER!


Fashionista Offspring!


The oldest offspring mixes cheap and expensive with a Limited too top (T.J. Maxx)  and a Marc Jacobs skirt (Loehmann’s, N.Y. find).  The leggings/stockings are IISLI (Loehmann’s, N.Y.) that happened to match exactly.    The boots are from Nordstrom’s (Phipps Plaza, Atlanta).  Sunglasses (Bealls outlet).

The baby diva is wearing a faux fur coat with pleather belt (my boutique, last season), Black suede boots (T.J. Maxx),  Hello Kitty watch (N.Y. street vendor). 

Sunglasses(two seasons ago, my boutique).

Yes, these are my girls working at the boutique and dressing mannequins.  The baby diva chose the outfit and accessory and is clearly directing her vision.   OK!

’til tomorrow people!