Vydurya Lokesh, Celebrity MUA, Body Positive Influencer and Muse


I met the amazing and wondrous Vydurya Lokesh at the Priscilla Ono Masterclass in NYC  this past summer.  I was the oldest woman there and realized quickly I was way out of my league in the course.  The silver lining, outside of learning that makeup application is an art, is meeting Vy.  Her aura is gentle, kind and she glows.  I mean her skin glows!  She reminded me of Lupita Nyongo, who also has luminescent skin and happens to be the direct descendant of Eve.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Vydurya has DNA from a Goddess of Light.  It’s who she is and I hope I captured it in this collection of photos.

One of the evenings after class, I invited her to have dinner and we ended up at Eataly near the World Trade Center, after visiting MAC, of course.  At dinner, she went on to tell me about her childhood and the tribulations she experienced at such an early age.  I realized that her past made her clueless on her beauty.  She was just happy to be alive and be a positive influence to everyone she meets.  The entire dinner, I kept thinking what a classic beauty she is and how I would love the opportunity to photograph her.  She was shocked and moved when I finally asked her.

Her last night in the states she spent with me in Maryland and we shot until late evening.  I am happy to share these with you and hope you can see the light that reflects from Vydurya that I noticed from the moment we met.

As she likes to say, “I am destiny’s child. “, not the singing group, but a child of faith that walks in light.

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Photos and article by Jovanna Reyes:

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Staycation this Labor Day with girltrunks!


Photography and article by Jovanna Reyes

Blogger featured:  Fashion and Keys

Labor Day weekend is a time for family get togethers, barbecues and last summer beach visits before the new school year begins.  This weekend we decided to stay home and chill with the family, grill grass-fed steaks and drink my special pina coladas by the poolside.  The perfect setting to wear girltrunks!

girltrunks sent these amazing two piece suits that are perfect for active women and teens that want other options outside of a bikini.   These shorts are amazing.  They dry quickly and the tops are so comfortable with perfect coverage. The prints vary and can be worn with a matching bolero jacket.  These are perfect suits when you need to have a little more discretion or doing activities that require more coverage.

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