The Miss Tina Collection by Tina Knowles at Walmart

Hi Curvystas,

I no longer live near a Walmart so as soon as I was able to get there, I headed straight to the Miss Tina Collection by Tina Knowles.  There were three racks of clothing to select from.  Out of those three racks, I honestly only liked three pieces.  I know its Walmart, but I expected a little more from the collection.  Norma Kamali delivered a great selection and better cut clothing for the plus size woman.

The first piece I tried on were her knit leggings with an attached miniskirt.  This was my favorite piece, although the skirt could be just a tad higher on the waistline for comfort and to avoid belly rollover.  It is 96% polyester and 4% spandex and was $15.00.

The second piece was an embellished long sleeve top made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex and $15.00 as well.  The length of the top was great.  It hit almost mid thigh, so its something you can actually wear with leggings or jeggings and not feel like your exposing to much bottom.  I tried it on with the skirt/legging piece and the proportions were wrong together.  I would love this top to wear with black leggings or tight jeans, maybe even a longer pencil skirt and a body shaper.

The last piece I tried on was a woven taffeta jacket with stretch fabric built into the sides.  The jacket had great hanger appeal but once I put it on I was soooo disappointed.  The closure was too high on my stomach.  The attached belt does not give allowance for women that may choose a more structured belt.  I hate fabric belts.  It accentuates my problem area.  The reason I was soooo disappointed is that the jacket had potential.  The collar and the sleeves are amazing.  The sleeves were 3/4, with just enough pouf without reminding you of the 80’s but the elastic at the end of the sleeve cheapened it.

The fabric reminded me of the old Adidas workout pants that made noise when you walked.  Like plastic rubbing together or sitting on your grandmother’s sofa.  It was $25.00 and the woven taffeta is really polyester.

I didn’t buy anything from Miss Tina but I did leave with this great t-shirt.  I plan to wear it with one of my many black blazers.  What do you think too much for a PTA meeting?  And I could not leave without my Wonder Woman wallet.   All I need are my gold cuffs and red and white bustier.  If only I could find a golden lasso.

3 thoughts on “The Miss Tina Collection by Tina Knowles at Walmart

    1. It’s too bad. I had such high expectations after seeing the line on the View. The fact that the jacket made noise was too much for me. She definitely ‘cheapened’ her line with fabric choices. Good luck on your new blog!


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